a) Structural Efficiency – 50%
b) Creativity and Engineering Design – 30%
c) Poster – 20%


Each team is required to submit an A3 sized poster during registration. The poster must include the following items:

  1. Each team MUST submit one (1) poster entry.
  2. Posters Theme: Build and Break 2019.
  3. Poster techniques: Free
  4. Presentation method: Use font with illustrations in the form of drawings, pictures or photographs and the bridge design model MUST be included.
  5. Drawing Size: A3 paper size.
  6. Prepared posters should be fixed / attached to hardcover (mounting board) with “margins” 25 mm (1 inch) right edge, 25 mm (1 inch) left edge, 25 mm (1 inch) top and 38 mm (1½ inches) bottom and submitted to the organizer.
  7. On a white paper sized 100 mm (4 inches) x 30 mm (1 3/8 inch), write the team information and attached at the bottom right corner of the poster with the following information:

                  7.1. Team name

                  7.2. Name of Institution

  1. The deadline for submissions is September 18, 2019 (upon registration of the team).
  2. All posters submitted are the organizer’s rights and will not be returned. Organizer reserved the rights to the work selected for revision or modification or for the purpose of publishing and printing in all forms of publication for promotional purposes and so on.
  3. The jury verdict is final.

1. A maximum of 4 members and 1 advisor are allowed per group.
2. A bridge structure model must be constructed within 4 hours at the place provided by the organiser.
3. A bridge structure model must meet all specifications of the Build and Break Competition 2019.
4. A bridge structure model must be constructed only from official wood, adhesive and thread provided to the contestants. No other materials may be applied to the model.
5. The organiser will only provide 10 sticks of 5mm x 5mm x 1000mm balsa wood for each group.


1. The model bridge structure must be of the following dimension:

a. Length(L) – 1000mm
b. Maximum width(W) – 100mm
c. Maximum height(H) – 300mm
d. Maximum beam thickness(T) – 20mm
e. Span(S) – 900mm
The base must be flat! Refer Figure 1 below

2. A bridge structure model must be constructed to provide for the placement of the loading plate (see Figure 2) at each of the two loading points.
3. Any portion of the structure above or below the loading plane must provide clearance for the loading rod at the two loading point locations.


1. The load will be applied downwards from below and will be placed at the loading points.
2. Bridge structure model failure is defined as the inability of the model to carry additional load, including joint failure, and will be decided by the judges.


1. A bridge structure model will be checked for conformity to design, dimension and construction rules.
2. The disqualified model may be tested if time permits but not eligible for awards.
3. All decisions by the judges are final.